Terms & Conditions

  1. Parties Agreement: Memories 2 Digital (hereby referred to as M2D)

    (M2D) and you, “the client”, agree the following services will be supplied to the client by M2D until new terms and conditions are agreed and notified in writing by all parties involved.
  2. Terms of Payment

    Payment must be made directly to M2D within 14 days of receipt of a valid tax invoice. The invoice must be paid prior to the return of the client's original media. We reserve the right to withhold the return of such media until any outstanding invoices are paid in full.
  3. Cancellation Policy

    For cancellations made after we have commenced work, you will be charged 100% of the price of work completed, plus a $20 cancellation fee. The total fee is capped at the price of the original order
  4. Disclaimer

    1. The client releases M2D or any agent of it from any liability, risks and complications resulting from the services howsoever arising.
    2. By submitting prints or documents to M2D, the client agrees that their value is no more than the cost of scanning the same quantity of photographs. Except for such agreed value, M2D will not be liable for any other loss or damage, direct, consequential or incidental to the customer’s use of such services.
  5. Indemnity

    1. M2D will provide services (whether physical or electronic) with all due care.
    2. Notwithstanding paragraph (a) herein M2D (or their agents) do not give any warranty or guarantees, or represent any services or products, or any third party information, services or products are free from errors or omissions.
  6. Confidentiality and Privacy Agreement

    M2D agree not to on-sell, distribute, copy, use or disseminate any information or media without gaining prior permission and agreement from both parties. At all times during the contract agreement term all information is treated with full confidentiality and privacy.
  7. Intellectual Property Agreement

    All information provided by M2D shall at all times be the property of M2D, including all written, audio & visual material. Nothing in this contract agreement shall be construed as conveying to any party any right, title or interest in, or to any information or the intellectual property of M2D, or to convey any license to use, sell, exploit, copy or further develop any such information or intellectual property of M2D