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Do you have a box of old VHS home movies gathering dust in your garage?

With technology evolving so quickly, VHS tapes are quickly becoming obsolete. The VHS tape era is winding down and after three decades you probably have a lot of videos to transfer to a digital playback. VHS tapes were not made to last, as the videos are stored on magnetic tape which has a limited life span and deteriorates over time, taking with it your precious footage.

We offer an easy way to relocate those precious memories onto your computer. We will transfer the old VHS tapes into digital files, that you can easily watch on any device for years. You can even share the memories with family and friends, which can be passed down through generations as technology changes.

Supported Tape Formats

  • Standard VHS
  • VHS-C (Compact VHS)
  • Video8/Hi8
  • MiniDV

We transfer VHS tapes into a MP4 digital video format with resolution of 640x480 (4:3) or 640x360 (16:9).
Other video formats such as .avi, .mov and .mwv are available on request.

Prices starting at

$25 per tape
VHS ready to be transferred

Ordering VHS Transfer

  • Label each VHS tape with a title, a year or a description written/printed on it. We'll use this to file your tapes.
  • Fill out the order form and book a delivery (either by appointment or via courier for Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere else in Australia).
VHS ready to be transferred

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